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Whilst we have a huge collection of wonderful and unusual pieces in our catalogue, our real speciality is turning your idea in to a beautiful, boxed piece of Thornhill jewellery. Whether buying as a gift or for yourself, our most common 'custom cutlery' requests include rings made from your own spoons, pendants with someones favourite animals made from spoons and fork bracelets, shaped just how you like them.

Use the order form above to place your order with no commitments. We'll look at your design ideas and get back to you with a quote, usually well within 24hrs. If you decide to go ahead with the order, we'll simply send you a Paypal Invoice and as soon as payment is received we'll get on with turning your idea in to a reality.

***Please Note - If you are selecting a specific pattern for your cutlery piece, please take the time to check out our cutlery guide page(link opens in a new window) to see what patterns are out there!***

*We are also always interested in trading/buying old and unusual coins, cutlery or any old scrap silver/silver jewellery. Use the contact form to upload an image (max. 3mb) and show us anything you have that may be of interest to us.*