Any wedding ring is a permanent token, but a Wedding Band actually made by your Fiancé is a potent symbol of your union forged with their Love for you. Come to our Studio and share the Joy of creating everlasting expressions of your feelings for each other. 

We'll guide you gently and expertly through the design, working and finishing of your unique gifts for each other.  We think your Wedding Bands will carry even more meaning if they are created from precious metals which have previously been in jewellery or other items which have sentimental associations or meaning for you, but if necessary we will provide what you will need.



Our Studio is set in the Heart of the Hertfordshire countryside amongst natural woodlands and rolling fields.  We will provide you with all your meals and refreshments whilst you are with us.


 Your Choices

We offer two packages.  You can either create your Wedding Bands in a single day or spend a Luxurious and Relaxed two days and nights with us. In either case you will be the only couple in the workshop.


 One-Day Wonder

The experience begins from 9:30am and continues until you have perfected your Wedding Bands, which will generally be in the early evening.  After the necessary short safety briefing, the first stage is to finalise your designs - you may have your own fixed ideas, or we can assist you with a wide range of imaginative ideas and options based on our long experience.

You will then have a rare opportunity to melt down the precious metal from which you are going to craft your Wedding Bands and pour it into the mould from which it will emerge as a cylindrical pin.  You will then cut the pin into two large pieces which you will use to make your rings and a piece of excess which, if it is not required later in the day, can be used to create, for example, special gifts for future children.

Next, you will each anneal your pin for the first of several times. "Annealing" means heating metal so that when it cools it is softer and easier to work.  The pins will then need to be beaten with a special hammer to flatten them until they are thin enough to fit through the rolling mill (which is similar to a miniature old-fashioned clothes mangle).  The pins will then be annealed again before being rolled again through a slightly smaller gap in the rolling mill.  You will repeat this process until your pins have been transformed into bars of the required thickness and shape.

Whilst you are waiting for the pins to cool after each annealing, you will be able to craft mementos for the special members of the Wedding Party.  The package includes gifts for your respective Parents, the Best Man, the Maid of Honour, the Bridesmaids and the Page Boy.  These are usually based on coins. A favourite for cufflinks is authentic lucky silver sixpences, where possible matching the year of the recipient's birth.     

Interlocking pendants made from old pennies are popular with multiple recipients (see picture).  The coin is pierced (cut) into the required number of pieces, each of which becomes a pendant, bracelet charm or similar, which will always and only be able to be fitted together with its fellows when reunited with them to re-form the original coin.  Where possible the year of the coin will be meaningful.

We will also present you with a polished lucky silver sixpence to keep with you on the day and ever after.

Returning to the rings, next you will form them into circular shapes around a mandrel fixed on an ashwood anvil. You will then solder the two ends each ring together, using a little of the excess metal.  If it is a feature of your design, you will then create your chosen texture on the outside surface of the ring.  For example, beaten or patterned rather than smooth, or matt rather than shiny.  The final task is polishing.

We aim to guide you through the process but not participate in it directly, so that you can claim that you made your partner's Wedding Band all by yourself.  However, if it does appear necessary to you, we will assist you as you wish.


   Luxurious Two-Day Wedding Ring Workshop

The enhanced experience begins between 5pm and 7pm when you arrive at our home and are greeted by Ady and Izabela with a glass of wine and nibbles to enjoy whilst we chat informally about the next two days.  You will be served with a tapas-style platter of cold cuts and salads to enjoy, weather permitting, al fresco.  Your accommodation will be a Luxurious Octagonal Cabin with en suite bathroom facilities.

The process of making the Wedding Bands is the same as that described above, except that it is more relaxed because it is spread over two days. Having started in the workshop at around 9:30am on the first day, you will complete the annealing and rolling by about 3:30pm so that the bars are ready to be shaped into circles the following morning.

You will have free time together - perhaps a stroll to nearby Hitch Wood which is magnificent in the bluebell season, or the thirstier couple may prefer to head across the fields to the Rusty Gun, our local posh pub.  Your chosen dinner will be served at around 7pm.  After dinner, you may choose to retire to our generously-proportioned and secluded outside hot tub with chilled Champagne, strawberries, and each other.

We return to the workshop by around 9:30am on the second morning and, having broken for a light lunch, we would usually expect to finish by around 3:30pm.  If you wish, this leaves you with some free time before departing.


We think that re-using precious metals from valued objects is better than using anonymous materials supplied by us.  Our experience is that people find that when they offer family and friends the opportunity to contribute items made of precious metals to be included in their Wedding Bands they are surprised at the generous offers which they receive, both large and small. We are able to test the composition of all items which you bring with you to confirm their suitability for inclusion in the mix.

If necessary we can provide the raw materials which you require at a modest premium over the prevailing market price.  You can choose the composition of the materials: the purity of the gold you wish to use and/or the mix of silver and gold.

For the gifts for the wedding party, we provide all of the materials including the coins, presentation boxes, and other items.



Our home, the Studio and Luxury Cabin are situated on half an acre of land in the countryside.

All of our food is home-cooked, organic and where possible free range and locally-sourced.  Please advise us of any specific requirements, allergies or intolerances of which we should be aware.

If you are with us for the one day, in addition to tea, coffee, fruit juices, and snacks as required, you will be served with a late lunch at approximately 2pm.  A main course based around the meat, fish or vegetarian option of your choice, accompanied by a glass of wine, which will be followed by dessert or cheese.

If you are savouring the Luxury Two-Day Workshop package, on arrival you will be offered a tapas-style cold platter with a range of accompaniments with a bottle each of your choice of red or white wine.

Breakfast on each morning will be a choice between a continental breakfast and a selection of cooked breakfasts with a choice of fruit juice and fresh coffee, hot chocolate or tea.  For cooked breakfasts, please advise us of your choices when booking. 

On each day you will be served with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juice and snacks as required whilst you are in the workshop. 

Lunch on the first working day, at around 1pm, will be a cooked two-course meal with a main course based around the meat, fish or vegetarian option of your choice, accompanied by a glass of wine, which will be followed by dessert or cheese.

Dinner on the second day, served at round 7pm, will be three courses.  The main course, based around the meat, fish or vegetarian option of your choice, will be followed by dessert or cheese. Your meal will be accompanied by a bottle each of red or white wine.

After dinner, the hot tub will be available to you at your required temperature.  The hot tub is an old French wooden wine stamping vat which holds up to ten people in four thousand litres of water.  We will prepare it with fresh water in readiness for your visit.  We will be on call via a remote bell to attend to any of your requirements without your needing to get out. Fresh towels, dressing gowns and slippers are provided. 

Lunch on the second day, at around 1pm, will be a cold salad lunch based on your choice of meat, fish or cheese, accompanied by a glass of your choice of wine. 

The Luxury Cabin has an ensuite bathroom and is fully heated.  It has a large screen TV with Freeview, quality Bluetooth speaker, kettle with tea and coffee, and fresh flowers.   Check out time from the Luxury Cabin is 6pm, but free parking is available for as long as you want.

We advise you to bring a camera phone or camera and any music playlist which you would like to listen to in the cabin, workshop or hot tub.

We feel we should mention we own a good-natured Alsatian/German Shepherd dog.  If this causes you any concern we should be pleased to put your mind at rest.



We are a few minutes drive from Hitchin.  We would be pleased to pick you up from and return you to Hitchin railway station or Luton Airport at no extra charge.  If you are travelling to Stansted Airport we would be happy to pick you up or return you there at an additional cost of £20 for each journey.



The One-Day Wonder is priced at £575 per couple.

The Luxurious Two-Day Wedding Band Workshop is priced at £1,585.

These prices include everything detailed above except any additional precious metals which you may need to make your rings.