Thornhill is a tiny team based in Hertfordshire in the UK. We started making jewellery quite some years ago in the 90s. Back then we were a simple one-man band, with Ady sourcing materials, creating pieces, packing boxes and doing all of the selling too!

These days though we're a much bigger outfit. In fact, due to popular demand, we've doubled in size. Izabela (Ady's considerably better half) took to the workshop almost 10 years ago, and these days the two share all the sourcing, making, packing and selling responsibilities! 

We firmly believe in recycling and re-using materials. The materials we use mostly consist of old, unused coins and vintage silver cutlery, but we even have some more unusual pieces, for example, our cufflinks that are made from inner watch mechanisms, shotgun cartridges and bullets, rings made out of wing flap bearings from the Hercules Aircraft and Damascus steel made form old lawn mower blades.

All of our work is handmade! Some of the more detailed pieces, such as our Tree Of Life designs can take up to six hours to complete. It's a good job we enjoy what we do!

The pieces we make are sometimes weird, often unusual and always wonderful! Whether you're interested in a piece for yourself or as a gift for a loved one. Coins with a special year on are ideal to remember birthdays and anniversaries. Our fork and spoon works are all individual, one-of-a-kind pieces that you will never find an exact replica of.

Getting married? Why not take a look at our new workshop sessions? Join us for a day or a weekend and make your own wedding bands. We'll teach you how we do what we do, and guide you through the process of creating something a lot more cost-effective, green and altogether more special than standard shop-bought wedding bands. We're very good hosts too, with a passion for good food, good wine and great music! 

Let us know exactly what you would like, or just give us some pointers and we'll help to design your perfect peace.


Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram  too, we often have competitions and it's usually the first place we show off our new designs!

All of our pieces are made using up-cycled and recycled materials.

All of our pieces are shipped worldwide. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about us. Enjoy the website and we look forward to hearing from you.