Celtic Tree of Life spoon pendant



A beautifully simple design of the Celtic Tree of Life. This symbol is often found on tapestries and tattoos and is a representation of the ancient harmony and balance of the natural world. The ancient Celts called this tree 'Crann Bethadh' and it symbolised wisdom, strength and long life, connecting the upper and lower worlds through its roots and its branches.

This looks great on a standard-sized table or soup spoon, but really stands out when it is cut into a larger serving spoon. 

All pendants come boxed with a recycled, waxed cord. For information about having this design cut in to your own spoon, please head over to the 'custom' page.

All of our pendants arrive neatly packaged in a recycled cardboard box, stamped with the Thornhill logo. All pendants come with a recycled, black waxed cord.

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