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Hercules Wing Bearing Ring with Oak Insert


This ring is a one off, T in size  and  10mm wide.  We have used a wing bearing from C-130J Hercules, the largest military airplane.  Wing bearing itself is made out of titanium. Oak wood has been sourced from old Victorian furniture.

Why Buy From Us

We firmly believe in recycling and re-using materials. The materials we use mostly consist of old, unused coins and vintage silver cutlery, but we even have some more unusual pieces, for example, our cufflinks that are made from inner watch mechanisms, shotgun cartridges and bullets, rings made out of wing flap bearings from the Hercules Aircraft and Damascus steel made form old lawn mower blades. All of our work is handmade! Some of the more detailed pieces, such as our Tree Of Life designs can take up to six hours to complete. It's a good job we enjoy what we do!


To some degree we can personalise all our jewellery. If you have specific requirements, please contact us via email,
Hercules Wing Bearing Ring with Oak Insert