To the Home of Conscious Jewellery... Welcome to Thornhill.

Promoting the use of Up-cycled and Recycled materials. We create unique, unusual pieces of Bespoke Jewellery all made by hand. From Cut Coins to Shaped Spoons, from Vintage Forks to old Clock Parts, there's something in our range for everybody! For more information about us, and our ethics, follow the 'about' link above. To browse our collection, click on the 'shop' link.

we are doing 20% off all 1967 6p and 3p Cufflinks just use the code " 20%67 " at the end of checkout,

What could be more special than hand crafting each others wedding rings. Why not bring your partner along and forge your own wedding rings. Made with love for each other, out of a recycled piece of jewellery worn by your late grandmother in your own unique design or helped by us, 'something old, something new, something borrowed!' 
This is a great way to save money, be unique and is also staying green, which means you'll be doing your bit too!
we are giving away a 10% off. the password is ( REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE ) 
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